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When it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy, there’s no shortage of birth control options. To help you navigate the vast array of options, Dr. Carlos Barrionuevo of Coral Springs OBGYN, LLC offers complete birth control services to women in and around Coral Springs, Florida. If you’d like to find a birth control method that meets your needs, call the office or use the online scheduling tool.

Birth Control Q & A

What are the different types of birth control?

As you contemplate your birth control options, it’s helpful to break them down into categories to help you decide which one is right for you. These include:

Barrier birth control

Barrier methods of birth control stop sperm from reaching and fertilizing your eggs. These include:

  • Condoms, both male and female
  • Cervical caps
  • Sponges
  • Diaphragms
  • Copper IUDs

Hormonal birth control

With hormonal birth control methods, you regulate your hormone levels to prevent ovulation. Under this type of birth control are several different delivery methods, including:

  • Patches
  • Oral pills
  • Implants
  • Injections
  • Hormonal IUDs
  • Vaginal rings

Surgical birth control

If you want a more permanent birth control method, there are surgical options, which include:

  • Vasectomy
  • Tubal ligation or blockage
  • Hysterectomy, though this is usually reserved for health reasons

Both tubal ligation and vasectomy are reversible, but it requires another surgical intervention.

Natural birth control

If you’d prefer a more natural birth method, you can try:

  • Abstinence
  • Outercourse
  • Withdrawal
  • Fertility awareness planning

How effective are the different methods of birth control?

Only a handful of the birth control methods provides 100% coverage -- abstinence, hysterectomy, and outercourse -- but the remaining options offer considerable protection against unwanted pregnancy. Here are a few numbers to give you a better idea of the effectiveness:

  • Tubal ligation: 99%
  • IUDs: 99%
  • Hormonal patch: 91%
  • Diaphragm: 88%
  • Condoms: 85%
  • Withdrawal: 78%

During your discussion with Dr. Barrionuevo, he reviews the different efficacy rates with you to help you choose the best option.

Which type of birth control is best for me?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a birth control option, and Dr. Barrionuevo is there to help you find one that suits your health, lifestyle, and goals. It’s also important to understand that most of these birth control methods don’t protect you against you against STDs, except for condoms and abstinence.

You should also consider things like whether you’ll be able to keep up with taking an oral contraceptive because skipping even one day can lower the efficacy rate. In these cases, delivery methods should be a top consideration as you make your decision.

To explore which birth control methods are right for you, call Coral Springs OBGYN or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.